3 Wounded in Shootout at Chatsworth Nightclub : Crime: An off-duty reserve officer is injured in robbery attempt by two teen-agers, police say. The pair are also hurt.


An off-duty reserve police officer shot two teen-agers and was himself wounded in a gun battle outside a Chatsworth nightclub Monday night after the ski-masked youths demanded his wallet, police said.

Jeff Wilson, 34, a reserve officer for four years with the San Fernando Police Department, left the Cowboy Palace Saloon on Devonshire Street about 11:30 p.m. with a female friend when the teen-agers--one of them brandishing a handgun--approached them in the parking lot, police said.

Wilson drew a .38-caliber pistol he carries off duty and a gunfight broke out, in which he shot a 16-year-old Sun Valley boy and Mjomo Abdul Anderson, 19, of North Hollywood, police said.

Wilson, who police believe was shot by the 16-year-old, was in serious condition Tuesday at West Valley Hospital in Canoga Park after undergoing surgery for a wound in the upper leg, a hospital spokeswoman said.


Both his assailants were shot “more than once each,” in the arm, leg and chest, said Lt. Al Moen, of the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division.

The Sun Valley youth was in serious but stable condition at Northridge Hospital Medical Center and Anderson was being held at the USC-County Hospital Jail Ward, police said. Both were booked on suspicion of attempted murder and attempted robbery, police said.

“All of a sudden we heard this rapid gunfire,” said Dennis Groff, who was in the Cowboy Palace when the shooting began. “I came out the back door and a woman and a man with blood came running over saying, ‘Call 911!’ ” Groff recounted when he returned to the bar Tuesday morning to retrieve his pool cues.

“You could tell they were young,” said Groff, who said he ran over to help the wounded teen-agers as they lay in the parking lot. “They were definitely crying. I said to them, ‘You’re wounded, but you’ll live.’ ”


No charges will be filed against Wilson, who has been working full time as a San Fernando policeman recently, replacing a regular officer who is on vacation.

“It doesn’t appear that anything illegal was done on his part,” Moen said. “He basically was defending himself. He was authorized to carry and to use a weapon.”

Philip Boutakidis, owner of Taste of Scandinavia, a restaurant next to the Cowboy Palace, said he was surprised to learn of the shooting Tuesday morning. Since establishing his eatery next to the nightclub 15 years ago, no one has ever been shot there, he said.

“But this is Los Angeles,” he said. “Things like this happen all over.”