LAWNDALE : City Attorney Loses Job After Council Vote

City officials voted to solicit bids for a city attorney, but left current City Atty. David J. Aleshire and his firm, Rutan & Tucker, off the list.

In a 3-2 vote, the council approved a plan to compare law firms who want to represent the city. But councilwoman Virginia M. Rhodes, who introduced the motion, asked that Aleshire be excluded from the process.

Aleshire, who has been the city’s attorney for 15 years, said he was surprised at the motion. “No one ever came to me and said there was a problem,” he said.

Rhodes said Aleshire will continue to be the city attorney until the search is complete, but would not comment on why she excluded Rutan & Tucker from the list.


Council members Nancy Marthens and Norm Lagerquist also voted for the motion. Mayor Harold E. Hofmann and Councilman Larry Rudolph voted against the move.

“Before you fire somebody you should at least go and tell them what you want,” Hofmann said.

The city will consider bids from six to eight law firms.