TORRANCE : Loser Outspent Winner in Race for Mayor

The loser in Torrance’s mayoral race earlier this year spent thousands more than the winner, campaign disclosure statements filed this week reveal.

Former Councilman Bill Applegate spent $74,490 in a losing bid for mayor. His opponent, Dee Hardison, spent $46,663 on the race, which she won by fewer than 500 votes in the March 8 election.

In the race for three open seats on the City Council, Dan Walker spent the most money, $50,074, and came in second. Marcia Cribbs spent $20,229 and received the greatest number of votes (5,999). Jack Messerlian, who also won a seat on the council, spent $26,215.

Burton Fletcher spent $28,079; Gerry Rische, $21,407; Hope Witkowsky, $13,974; Mike Botello, $10,239; Steve Whitehead, $8,552; Jose D. Quinones, $8,225, and Mike Mauno, $6,938. Joe Martinez also ran for council but missed the Monday deadline for filing a campaign disclosure statement.


In the race for city clerk, Sue Herbers spent $15,502 on her winning effort. Former Councilman Mark Wirth spent $16,814.

Linda Barnett spent only $30 on her bid for the City Treasurer’s office. She ran unopposed.