Some Constituents Not Moved by Buck McKeon

* Your glowing feature on Rep. Howard (Buck) McKeon of California's 25th Congressional District failed to express the sentiment of the people whom Mr. McKeon represents. We know him not as "Congressman Earthquake," but as someone who balked at voting earthquake relief when he saw it as a political opportunity to force budget cuts.

In an area far from immune from violent crime and gangs, we know him as one who lent his vote to his biggest campaign contributor (the National Rifle Assn.) and voted against the Brady Bill and the assault weapons ban provision of the Crime Bill. As an election-year environmentalist, he also opposes the Desert Protection Act in favor of his hunting buddies.

As the article suggested, McKeon is not the person we sent to Congress. He ran on a platform that opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement, supported campaign reform and advocated term limits--and reversed his position on all three once in office. He has violated the trust of his constituency and has emerged as one who bows to special interests.

If, as your article states, his reelection is expected, it will come without the support of many of his district's Republicans and with a strong opposition by a growing Democratic Party.


Santa Clarita

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