VENICE : 2 Area Murals Targeted for Restoration

A nonprofit Venice arts group is launching a major fund-raising drive to finance the restoration of murals throughout Los Angeles, including two on the Westside.

The Social and Public Art Resource Center has targeted 16 murals for restoration, including the landmark Ocean Park Pier mural in Santa Monica and the St. Mark’s Hotel mural in Venice.

The center identified the murals most in need of restoration with funding support from the city of Los Angeles’ Cultural Affairs Department.

Restoration of the 16 murals is expected to cost about $300,000, with the work on the Westside murals estimated at $11,000.


Although organizers expect to receive more support from the city, most of the funds for the project will have to come from private contributions, said Krissy Kuramitsu, the restoration project’s coordinator.

Organizers also hope that residents who live near the murals will volunteer to paint and raise money.

“We have always believed that working on art with communities is the only way you can ensure care for the project,” Kuramitsu said. “If people have a personal stake in it they will look out for it.”