EAGLE HUNTING: A recent Boston concert stint...

EAGLE HUNTING: A recent Boston concert stint by the Eagles led Beantown rock radio station WBCN-FM to bare its talons--and Don Henley to respond in kind. Attacking the band’s concert ticket prices of about $100, the station held a contest and awarded $50 “Eagles Greedy Rebates” to eight Boston concert-goers.

“The radio station has nothing against the Eagles at all,” says WBCN promotions director Chachi Loprete. “We’ve played them for years. But when the tickets went on sale we thought they were way too high and set a bad precedent and we thought we should do something.”

In addition to the rebate contest, the station preceded the Eagles’ shows with an “Anti-Greed Weekend,” emphasizing music by acts who have come out against high ticket prices, such as Pearl Jam and Neil Young.

Henley’s reaction?


During the Eagles’ opening-night show at Boston’s 20,000-seat Great Woods arena, home phone numbers and addresses of five WBCN deejays were flashed on video screens and Henley asked fans to send them their dirty laundry before singing his song “Dirty Laundry.”

Eagles spokesman Larry Solters dismissed the incidents as merely the latest flaps in a war of words that goes back nearly five years to Henley’s not giving WBCN exclusive promotion rights to his Boston concerts benefiting his Walden Woods Foundation.