ROAD WARRIORS: Go to the moon and...

ROAD WARRIORS: Go to the moon and back 37 times, and that’s how many miles are racked up per day on Valley-area freeways. In all, 17.5-million miles are driven each day, 6.4 billion each year. . . . More than 25% of that total takes place on the 101 Freeway, the Valley’s busiest. The 101/405 interchange in Sherman Oaks (above) is the nation’s fourth busiest--about 517,000 vehicles daily. All this and more in today’s Valley Briefing (B2).

NOT ARCADIA: Downtown Glendale will soon no longer be an idyllic home to video arcades, if city redevelopment officials have their way. . . . The Glendale Redevelopment Agency has determined that arcades are “not beneficial to the area,” in the words of one city official. An ordinance is expected to be passed by year’s end. (B3)

FLYING HIGH: Little Leaguers from Northridge, still excited about their West Regional Championship on Friday night, endured a 5 a.m. wake-up call and a three-flight afternoon Saturday on their way to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. . . . (C1) Now they have to worry about their behavior. Their predecessors from Long Beach set a Williamsport standard for unruliness last year.

ACTON NEWS: Little Acton made national TV last week when one of its own, 17-year-old Shauna Gambill, was crowned Miss Teen America. The whole town, it seems, watched the action (B7). . . . The most interested might have been the other girls who now feel they have a chance to win a local beauty contest because Shauna won’t compete in it.


SAN QUENTIN JR.: The San Fernando Valley Juvenile Hall is set to become the largest, most jail-like facility for youths two years from now. . . . A $16-million expansion project is under way at the Sylmar facility, which will boast a high-security wing for teen-agers when construction is complete. (A1)

Busiest Freeways

The 101/405 interchange in Sherman Oaks is the nation’s fourth-busiest. Here are the top five busiest and average daily vehicle count. Figures are for 1992, the most recent available. 5/10/60/101: 574,000 10/110: 568,500 10/405: 550,000 101/405: 517,000 5/22/57: 484,000 Source: Caltrans