2 Police Officers, Dog Shot Dead; Man Arrested

From Associated Press

A rookie police officer was shot and killed Friday after approaching a man sleeping in a car, and an off-duty officer and his police dog were killed while searching for the gunman.

A man who had what appeared to be a dog bite was arrested later.

Dozens of police officers searched for much of the afternoon for a possible associate of the man in custody. Several blocks were cordoned off as officers searched woods and alleys with dogs and helicopters equipped with heat-seeking gear.

Officer Ron Ryan Jr., 26, the son of a veteran police lieutenant, was shot five times after he approached a car in a church parking lot on the city’s East Side. He had been on the force a little more than a year.


“He engaged in a scuffle with the suspect, who drew a firearm, shot Officer Ryan, stood over him and shot him again, and removed the officer’s handgun,” Police Chief William Finney said.

Neighbors reported the shooting, and Ryan was taken to St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center, where he died during surgery.

Police sealed off the neighborhood and began a search that eventually involved more than 100 officers.

During the search, Officer Timothy Jones, 37, and his dog, Laser, were killed in a wooded area of the neighborhood. Friday was his day off, but he had rushed to help after hearing of Ryan’s death.


“It was bang, bang, bang. Then there were about 15 or 30 more shots,” said Paula Leikam of Burnsville, Minn., who was visiting relatives in the neighborhood.

A short time later, police captured a man who had what appeared to be a dog bite on his torso. He was treated at the St. Paul hospital and taken to jail.

The 26-year-old man from Mason City, Iowa, had not yet been charged. Ramsey County Atty. Tom Foley said he expects criminal charges to be filed next week.

Mason City police said the man in custody was wanted for a probation violation there. Investigator Frank Stearns said the man had been convicted of possession of firearms and narcotics.


Mason City Police Chief Duane L. Jewell said the man was believed to have been with another man wanted for attempted murder in Iowa.