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Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended Sept. 25, compared to week-ago and year-ago levels, in millions of units sold:

Latest week: Albums: 9.7 Singles: 1.7

Week-ago: Albums: 10.3 Singles: 1.8


Year-ago: Albums: 9.1 Singles: 1.9

Hits Magazine Tip of the Week

After much speculation that former Capitol Records President Hale Milgrim would become the new president of Elektra Records, negotiations have fallen apart and no deal will be struck. Industry observers are now watching to see who Elektra/EastWest Chairwoman Sylvia Rhone will choose as president of the label. Milgrim, who is on vacation in Asia, also reportedly had talks with Sony’s Columbia Records label, though insiders say there’s no possibility of a deal there. Note: Hits magazine is a weekly music industry trade publication.

Source: Soundscan Inc.