LOS ALAMITOS : Clerical, Maintenance Workers Get 1.2% Raise

Clerical and maintenance employees received a modest increase under a one-year contract the City Council unanimously approved this week.

The 1.2% increase is retroactive to Aug. 7 and will benefit eight clerical employees and 10 others who work in parks, street and building maintenance.

But the contract, worked out after three months of negotiations, also provides for some reductions in employee benefits, including cutting in half the number of hours employees may be paid for jury duty.

Assistant City Manager Gerard Goedhart said that employees will be paid for only 40 hours of jury duty, instead of 80 hours as before, because “we don’t want our employees being involved in lengthy trials.”


“We’ll try to accommodate the legal system, but we don’t want to create hardships in our organization,” Goedhart said.

The contracts with both the clerical and public services employees run from Aug. 1, 1994, to July 30, 1995.

Goedhart said that negotiations with the 26-member Police Officers Assn., the biggest employee group, will begin in November.

Last year, clerks and maintenance employees received a 2.4% salary increase in a similar one-year contract.