COMMERCE : City Takes Away Dance Club's License

In an effort to curtail what it called "ongoing violations of the public peace," the City Administrator's office last week suspended the entertainment license of Michael's, a popular dance club and restaurant.

The license suspension effectively prohibits dancing, live music and disc jockeys at the restaurant, City Administrator Louis Shephard said. Violation of the suspension is a misdemeanor.

The city cited several disruptions at the restaurant in its suspension notice mailed to Michael's, 6309 E. Washington Blvd. Among the incidents cited was a Sept. 24 fracas involving 40 people in the restaurant parking lot.

Employees of Michael's, which has a capacity of 750, considered the suspension unfair, said Frank Perez, a manager at the restaurant.

"The city's just fabricating these accusations--there haven't been any big problems around here," Perez said.

Mike Kay, one of the owners ofMichael's, said the club plans to appeal the suspension.

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