Fans of Deborah Adair, who began playing Kate Roberts two years ago on "Days of Our Lives," probably won't like the news that she is leaving the show in February when her contract expires.

The actress stated in a press release that she has been very happy with her role and with working on "Days," and that moving on is a difficult choice for her to make. Personal as well as professional issues led to Adair's decision. There was no word on whether the role would be recast.

Meanwhile, after months of speculation, "Days of Our Lives" has signed actor Mark Valley to resurrect the role of Jack Deveraux. This will be Valley's first contract soap role, although he recently had been seen in the recurring role of Father Pete on "Another World."


New Yorkers are used to strange happenings in the Big Apple, but when "One Life to Live" took over two sections of Central Park recently, the scene turned a few heads.

The show taped scenes for the wedding of Asa Buchanan (Phil Carey) and Alex Olanov Hesser (Tonja Walker) near the Bethesda Fountain/Terrace and the Central Park reservoir. Although it was a big event, the nuptials were not traditional.

The bride, Alex, made her grand entrance dressed as Cleopatra, complete with Egyptian garb, and a barge paddled by servants, who were also appropriately costumed. There was a lot of excitement in store for Alex when her former lover and henchman, Bulge (Burke Moses), and Buck (Christopher Murney), whom Alex used to make Asa jealous, acted out their revenge plot, which included nuns, kidnaping and ransom.

There was also a dramatic rescue attempt on the part of the bridegroom, his sons Clint (Clint Ritchie) and Bo (Robert S. Woods) and grandson Cord (John Loprieno). The four former cowboys had a chance to demonstrate their equestrian talents when they galloped through the park on horseback hot on Alex's trail.

A total of 14 "Oone Life to Live" regulars and more than 50 extras are featured in the location scenes, which are scheduled to air in early November barring preemptions.

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