Proposition 185

We support Proposition 185, the citizens' transportation funding measure, because the politicians are not doing their job in Sacramento. They keep talking, but the highway bridges keep collapsing during earthquakes. They increase our taxes, but then divert our transportation funds to their favorite pork barrel projects rather than doing what needs to be done to make California competitive with the rest of the world.

Proposition 185 will put an end to the Legislature's practice of raiding our gas taxes to balance the budget. Under Proposition 185, if the Legislature even touches a penny, the controller has to move the money back to transportation.

Voter support for 185 will provide necessary funding to build California's first high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The proposition will create jobs for people affected by defense cutbacks. Proposition 185 will also ensure that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach remain competitive by providing modern rail links (the "Alameda Corridor"). Opponents of 185 are doing nothing less than advocating the transfer of our port jobs to Seattle or Portland, cities which already have modern rail links.

California simply must have adequate transportation infrastructure for the 21st Century and a yes vote on Proposition 185 will get us there.

DAN McNAMARA, President

Transit Riders' Assn. of California


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