4 Follow-Home Robbery Suspects Held in Valley


Four suspects have been arrested in a string of follow-home robberies of San Fernando Valley Christmas shoppers, Los Angeles police said Friday.

“We have people in custody that we think may be involved in (the crimes), but beyond that we’re not going to divulge any information,” Lt. John Dunkin said. The suspects, all male, ages 25, 21, 16 and 15, were in custody for auto theft after their arrests in a stolen vehicle, police said. Officials refused to release the names of the suspects, saying that doing so may interfere with their investigation.

Officers from the Metropolitan detail made the arrests Thursday night near Nordhoff Street and Tampa Avenue. The officers were assigned to the Valley this week to help catch the follow-home bandits, police said.


Police warned residents to be on guard against a group of robbers who follow their victims to their houses, draw handguns and demand money, jewelry and Christmas presents.

Capt. Vance Proctor said investigators are contacting victims of the recent robberies for possible identification of the suspects.

Three follow-home robberies took place in the northwest Valley on Thursday night, but none were by the group identified by police. One robbery was committed by a pair who have been preying on Korean Americans in the northwest Valley, and two others were committed by possible “copycat” robbers, said Lt. Bob Normandy.

One robber sprinted toward a 47-year-old Northridge man as he was unlocking his trunk at his home in the 11600 block of Baird Avenue about 11:05 p.m., Normandy said. When the victim made a break for his garage, a second robber stepped in front of him, put a gun to his head and ordered him to give up his money, Normandy said.

The man replied that he had no money, and the robbers pushed him to the ground, kicked him, found his wallet and then fled, Normandy said.