CAMARILLO : Farmland OKd for Commercial Use

Saying that land surrounding the parcel is already zoned commercial use, the Camarillo City Council has unanimously approved a change in the city plan to allow offices, stores and light manufacturing on a 61-acre farm bordering the Ventura Freeway.

The council approved the project--dubbed Prado de Las Posas--for the southeast corner of Las Posas Road and Ventura Boulevard. Councilman Ken Gose said the council voted for the change partly because development is already allowed next to the site.

"I hate to see any loss of farmland, but in this case it makes sense to approve the change," Gose said. "It's a spot that is nearly surrounded by development."

Planning Director Matthew Boden said the site still must receive a zone change before a specific project can be approved. He said ideas of what might be built have been forwarded, but no specific plans have been submitted.

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