Enough Haggling to Shake a Stick at Stauber

Would you buy a car from Robb Stauber? Did you buy a car from Robb Stauber?

The often unorthodox King goaltender--barred from throwing checks at the blue line during the owners' lockout--was the only King player who took a regular-paying, non-hockey job during the labor dispute. He spent a little more than a month working at a Toyota dealership in Southern California.

"I'm a better hockey player than a salesman--at least I hope so," he said. "It was fun and I learned a lot."

Some customers recognized him and called him by his nickname, "Blue Line."

"I had to sign Blue Line for them," he said, laughing. "Most of the cars I sold, I gave them a stick. That's probably the only way I could get them to buy it."

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