COSTA MESA : Redevelopment and Homeless on Agenda

Redeveloping the west side, passing some type of anti-vagrancy ordinance to get rid of the homeless and reducing overall crime in the city are some of the goals council members set to accomplish by year's end.

At a recent study session, the five council members mentioned a variety of objectives, including expanding city limits via annexation, putting a receptionist just inside the front door of City Hall and making sure all city departments stay open between noon and 1 p.m.

Building a youth sports complex, alleviating bus traffic along Orange Avenue, developing council term limits, extending city library hours and expanding the long-term capital improvements project were also suggested.

Though all ideas were considered equally important, redeveloping the west side and creating a law to relieve the city of the homeless are two of the major goals the City Council is setting out to accomplish.

City Manager Allan Roeder said he thinks all the goals could be met by year's end.

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