THE O.J. SIMPSON MURDER TRIAL : Cowlings Sets Up Dial-a-Simpson Line


In yet another commercial venture arising from the O.J. Simpson murder case, Al Cowlings has set up a 900 number to present his thoughts and feelings about his longtime friend and the media frenzy that has surrounded the trial.

By dialing (900) CALL 4 AC, callers can hear various recorded messages from Cowlings--for $2.99 a minute.

Cowlings read a statement Wednesday in Downtown Los Angeles summarizing his reasons for setting up the number and saying he has been reluctant to speak to the media because they have “consistently sensationalized the facts and negatively exploited the many aspects of this tragedy.”


The number offers “O.J. and A.C., the Early Years,” how the case has affected Cowlings’ life and a poll on Simpson’s guilt or innocence. Callers can also hear accounts of Cowlings’ relationships with Marquerite Simpson, O.J. Simpson’s first wife, and Nicole Brown Simpson, whom Simpson is accused of murdering.

Curiosity seekers hoping to find out what O.J. and A.C. talked about during the infamous Bronco ride last June will have to wait, however. “Anticipated testimony is off-limits,” said Donald Re, Cowlings’ lawyer.

Re said it has not been determined where the money generated by the phone calls will go, though he speculated some might go to Simpson’s young children. Cowlings is expected to receive $1 of the $2.99 per minute, Re said.

Gloria Allred, a spokeswoman for the family of Nicole Brown Simpson, said Wednesday that Cowlings had told Denise Brown that he was setting up the number for the younger Simpson children and that the family looks forward to future deposits made by Cowlings into a fund for the children.