CD- ROM Review : **** BOB DYLAN

"Highway 61 Interactive"

Graphix Zone CD-ROM ($59.95) "Dylan goes Power Mac" doesn't have quite the same revolutionary ring as "Dylan goes electric"--yet there's as considerable an incongruity here, celebrating his personally and societally transforming art in what amounts to a glorified computer game. Happily, it proves both practical as a Dylan database and shamefully fun as a self-contained cyber-world.

Did someone say something about gathering no moss?

"Highway 61" is a hybrid beyond dual Windows/Mac compatibility. Dylanologists with strictly archival needs can proceed to--for starters--the lyrics for every song Dylan ever published and a fascinating log of every artist who ever covered 'em.

On the other hand, the Mystically oriented can leisurely visit "virtual" re-creations of Greenwich Village street and club scenes, or crash a studio and find rough mixes of "Like a Rolling Stone" and unreleased tracks.

This plethora of "environments" surpasses the same company's standard-setting Prince disc (and at least lurking around here , you don't have the creepy feeling you might run into an orgy around the next corner). Dylan has painted his masterpiece many times over, and the folks at Graphix Zone have manufactured theirs.

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