YORBA LINDA : Homeowners Oppose Housing Plan's Density

The developer of East Lake Village wants to increase the number of homes it builds on a 10-acre parcel in the planned community, but members of the area's homeowners' association are opposed to the plan and have asked the City Council to delay approval.

Several dozen members of the East Lake Village Homeowners Assn. attended a recent City Council meeting to protest Shapell Industries' request to build 287 homes on the parcel.

The residents said the new homes would create traffic and parking problems in the area and asked the council to delay a decision for 90 days. Members of the association want the time to negotiate with Shapell in the hopes of persuading the developer to reduce the number of smaller "patio homes" on the parcel.

"Since 1989, Shapell has done nothing but increase the number of patio lots and decrease the number of (larger) estate lots, (changing) the flavor of East Lake," George Hester said. "These patio homes lack front yards and therefore lack visual appeal."

The city has already approved 252 homes for the site, between Fairmont Road and Paseo del Prado, north of Esperanza Road. In exchange for the additional 35 homes, Shapell has agreed to offer several improvements to the project, including horse trails, improved landscaping and wide meandering walkways.

After listening to several hours of testimony last week, the council decided to continue discussion at its meeting Tuesday.

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