Idea for Ending Strike: Try Driving 'Em Nuts

I would suggest that the appropriate way (to settle the baseball strike) would be to require both sides to either attend in person or by proxy, so that everyone is inconvenienced as much as possible. Provide access to telephones and fax machines so that everyone can reach everyone who needs to be reached, and let everyone know there will be no break until the matter is resolved or each side indicates intent not to settle.

Do not use a single arbitrator but rather a panel of three. That will allow multiple meetings at the same time so that every minute of the day can be utilized. The only correct way to ever settle a dispute is for the mediator to hammer on both sides and point out why they are both wrong. Three arbitrators will allow this process to be done much more effectively.


Beverly Hills


It upsets me when my political leaders in Congress have time to meet with Rupert Murdoch and have time to organize and attend a $50,000-a-plate dinner, but claim not to have time to get involved and help settle the baseball dispute.

I question these elected officials' desire to represent middle America. Where are family values and community togetherness better displayed than at the ballpark?


Prairie Village, Kan.


When the baseball strike began, the Dodgers fired 25 full-time front-office staff, cut by 20% the hours of remaining workers, cut their pay by 10% and, for the first time in recent memory, did not give year-end bonuses or salary increases.

Yet, this week they gave Hideo Nomo $2 million, the largest signing bonus in the history of baseball to a non-major league player.




Anyone want to bet that Ross Porter won't have dozens of stats on each of the replacement players no one--including Ross--has ever heard of?




If the owners think they're having a hard time finding replacement players, just wait till they start looking for replacement fans!


Los Angeles


I work eight hours a day, five days a week, and make $11.75 an hour.

A baseball player plays a three-hour game, half of that sitting on the bench awaiting his turn at bat. On defense, if he gets the ball hit to him twice in one inning, he is considered to have had a busy inning.

If President Clinton is going to do something about baseball, he should get Congress to pass a law that says baseball is not a sport.

The only thing more absurd than baseball players making these astronomical salaries is the baseball owners being stupid enough to pay them.



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