Advanced Laser Produces Narrow-Profile Monitor

Compiled by Jack Searles

Advanced Laser Technologies Inc., a Moorpark firm, has produced a prototype of Thinline, which it describes as a narrow-profile computer monitor that provides high-resolution images.

The laser-driven unit has a 13-inch diagonal screen and is 4 1/2 inches deep. It operates "without bulky cathode-ray tube technology," Advanced says. Advanced adds that its laser-beam system also eliminates the risk of magnetic radiation that is sometimes associated with cathode-ray tubes.

"This technology will eventually allow monitors to be manufactured at a depth of less than one inch while expanding the viewing area up to 30 inches or more," said Larry Wellen, Advanced's president and chief executive.

He said the technology also has applications for digital video compression, digital storage, fax machines, laser printers and fiber-optic networks.

Advanced says its patented system reduces costs by scanning a laser beam at high speeds. The company plans to offer its technology and the Thinline design to other firms under license and royalty agreements.

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