SIMI VALLEY : Survey to Focus on City's Future

Beginning what could be a nearly two-year planning process, the Simi Valley City Council has decided to conduct a citywide survey to find out residents' hopes for the city's future.

The survey and a two-day workshop will be the first steps in drawing up a plan called Simi Valley Vision 2020. The plan will be a blueprint for the city's next 25 years, said Mayor Greg Stratton.

"The idea is to cover the whole gamut of issues," Stratton said. "We first want to get a sense of what the community wants and get people involved."

The city plans to hire an outside consultant who will first draw up a survey for residents and then help conduct the two-day workshop.

Stratton expects that work to be done by the summer. The council will then look at how to achieve the goals set down in the survey and expressed at the workshop.

Eventually, the Vision 2020 Plan will be used to help update the city's General Plan, which was last revised in 1988.

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