ORANGE : Neighbors Push to Put Brakes on Plan for 3-Way Stop Sign


Residents living along the steep terrain of Calle Grande have persuaded the city to delay putting in a three-way stop sign at the intersection with Calle Baja.

The City Council voted 4 to 1 last week to delay a decision on the stop sign until city engineers can find other ways to improve the sight distance for drivers on the curvy road.

Councilman Dan Slater was the lone dissenter. He said he wanted the stop sign put in because City Atty. Robert O. Franks had told council members that the city could be liable for damages if an accident occurs.


Homeowners said they would face greater danger trying to stop at the bottom of the hill each time they left home.

Calle Grande resident James A. Lundquist said in a letter that only nine homes exist on Calle Baja, as opposed to 280 homes on Calle Grande. During eight years as a resident on the street, “I have only seen traffic exiting or entering Calle Grande less than a handful of times,” he said. “It appears some of the neighbors in Calle Baja are more prompted by a concern for convenience rather than safety.”

Public Works Director Harry W. Thomas said that hedges along one residence were the main cause of impaired view, and that he was working with a homeowners’ association and the property owner to come to a solution. In the meantime, the city will install warning signs and rumble strips before the intersection, Thomas said.

Slater noted that the city would have to pay $10,000 to buy a right of way to ensure the hedges remained cut back and just $150 to put in a stop sign.

“The issue needs to be resolved,” he said.