Plans to Streamline Operations Go Forward

Harbor commissioners are moving ahead with plans to streamline port operations and cut staff at the Harbor Department by up to 35%.

At a meeting earlier this month, the commission approved four phases of action that will be carried out by consultants Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc. by July 1.

The port recorded a $92-million net income last year, but needs to organize its operations and staff for the future, spokeswoman Julia Nagano said.

"Like Mattel, like IBM . . . it's better for us to look now at where we want to be down the road," she said.

Port officials aim to save the Harbor Department $10 million a year.

"Admittedly, people are concerned," she said. "We have a very, very talented staff and they've worked and been very much a part of the success the port has had . . . but I think they understand what the goals are."

Specific staff reductions will be known by July, Nagano said.

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