Ducks Make Red Wings Work Overtime : Hockey: Anaheim turns offensive against Detroit in physical 4-4 tie. Kariya scores twice.


The troubled Mighty Ducks were trouble for the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday night, taking them to overtime before settling for a 4-4 tie in front of 17,174 at The Pond of Anaheim.

Rookie Paul Kariya nearly won the game when he hit the right post in overtime after taking a drop pass from Patrik Carnback.

That was the closest call of the extra period.

The game was a turnaround for the Ducks, who have been struggling to score. Kariya and Todd Krygier each had two goals, and Shaun Van Allen set a team record with four assists and Stephan Lebeau added three.

The Red Wings, who lead the Western Conference, got four goals from four different players.

The Ducks have won only two of their last 13 games, and seem hardly in a position to make blockbuster trades.

But General Manager Jack Ferreira keeps making intriguing little moves, such as the deal for defenseman David Karpa, whom the Ducks traded for Wednesday, less than a week after the Kings rejected him as unfit after he failed a physical.

Karpa, whose right wrist is the subject of dueling medical reports between the Kings and Ducks, arrived in Anaheim on Thursday and said, "I'm ready to play."

"I hold nothing against the Kings," said Karpa, who broke the bone on top of his wrist near his thumb last season and again in a training camp fight in September while with Quebec.

"They were looking out for their organization. They just got Philippe Boucher, and he was hurt while he was in Buffalo and now he's out for the season."

The Kings' medical team said Karpa's improperly healed right wrist requires surgery and will prevent his playing this season. They the NHL to void the trade in which they sent a draft pick to Quebec.

The Ducks got an independent report from Calgary's team doctors and had their own medical team examine that report. They believe he requires surgery, but that it can wait until after the season. If not, the future-oriented Ducks can live with it.

"I think I can play right now," said Karpa, 23, a defenseman with good size who cost the Ducks a draft choice.

Karpa practiced with the Kings last Thursday before being sent home. Does he look forward to showing them he can play when the teams meet March 21?

"I'm ready to play against anybody," he said.

The Kings also were concerned about Karpa's lower back, telling him it was "a walking time bomb," he said. Karpa had surgery on his tailbone 3 1/2 years ago.

"My theory is I played with it three years," he said. "I don't know if they know what hockey players deal with. When I do play, my back feels better because the muscles get warmed up."

The Calgary consultants told him it was no problem.

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