MISSION VIEJO : College Trustee Balks at New Boundaries


A proposal to redraw Saddleback Community College District trustee area boundaries has been met with mixed reaction.

The seven-member board last September decided to redraw district boundaries to give residents more balance on the board, with each trustee representing roughly the name number of people.

A plan unveiled Monday calls for the district’s trustee areas to be divided almost equally by population.


But Trustee Harriett S. Walther said the new lines didn’t closely match city and school district boundaries.

“This isn’t going to work,” Walther said.

Board President John S. Williams said a public forum on the proposed trustee area boundary changes will be held next month.

Although Williams said “I think what we have here is very fair,” he suggested that the college district staff present an option more to Walther’s liking.

Walther has said a closer match of trustee areas to city and school district boundaries would give the college district stronger ties to other leaders that would, in turn, benefit the district’s two colleges, Saddleback and Irvine Valley.

The board’s trustees are elected by a districtwide vote but they must live in the trustee area they represent.