The New Look

Congratulations on the new look in the Food Section . . . great accomplishment.

I especially welcome the recipe format--no continuations so as to expedite clipping. Super improvement that is long overdue .


Los Angeles


No! No! A thousand times no!! I do not like the new Food Section.

Why is it that people cannot leave well enough alone? Haven't you heard the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

I have a hard enough time reading The Times--it is so large and full of news. I'm not looking for more reading matter from the Food Section.

Just publish good recipes and I'll be happy.


Los Angeles


Your new look is terrific. I particularly like the fact that recipes are easier to read and to cut out and save. The addition of gardening information is a nice touch. The pieces on artichokes were interesting; I look forward to similar features on other foods.




You are such jerks! I can't believe that you think you've actually improved your Food Section. Since when can we clip and save a recipe that is perhaps eight inches long? What kind of idiots are you? An ideal recipe--clipped--fits on a 3x5-inch card, which is what all recipe boxes have!


San Diego


The new layout for recipes, which makes it possible to cut them out in one piece instead of having to tape small pieces together, is a very welcome improvement. However, if you really want to make the Food Section easier to read, you'll find a way to avoid splitting an article between the two parts of the Food Section. For example, Daniel Puzo's article "How Much Egg Risk?" begins on page 2, then you have to put the first part down, find the conclusion in the second part, then put that down and continue reading the first part. Granted, this is not a major problem, but it is a nuisance and is another way you could improve the section.




The recipes I love to clip, 45 years worth, are now impossible to paste on 3x5-inch cards. Half of your ingredients are now on the back side. I guess you were desperate for a way to change them, but if they are not broke don't try to fix them. Other experiences with The Times have shown me that once they change something, it stays, no matter what their readers want. How very sad.



Pacific Palisades

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed today's format for the Food Section. It not only is 10 times easier to read, it looks great. Stay with this new look!


Palm Springs

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