WESTWOOD : Alleged ‘Briefcase Bandit’ Jailed in Bank Robbery


A man identified as the “Briefcase Bandit” because he allegedly ordered tellers at 19 banks to put handfuls of money into a leather attache case was jailed Wednesday without bail.

Jay Carlton Brammer, 24, surrendered to FBI agents Tuesday night in Westwood after he saw a television news program show a picture of him during one of the robberies, according to a court affidavit.

Brammer has yet to be charged, although he could face armed bank robbery charges stemming from the Feb. 7 robbery of a General Bank branch in Northridge, according to the affidavit submitted by FBI Agent Jo Deatherage.


Assistant U.S. Atty. Barbara Masterson declined comment on the possible charges. Brammer is expected to be arraigned April 10.

During the General Bank robbery, Brammer entered the bank and walked to a teller while carrying a dark brown leather briefcase, Deatherage said. He allegedly placed the attache case on the counter and opened it to reveal an automatic handgun. Brammer said, “Give me the money. Give me hundreds,” the affidavit states.

He allegedly repeated the exchange with another teller, then left the bank with $4,307.

FBI agents gave surveillance photographs to several TV news stations and newspapers and asked the public to assist them in finding the robber.