CLUB REVIEW : 7969: Equal Opportunity Enjoyment


The venerable West Hollywood club Peanuts has become 7969, an equal opportunity dance/strip club offering topless performances to audiences that vary from straight to gay to subgroups of both.

Not content to stop with Sin-A-Matic, Saturday’s whipping-night-out for the master-and-servant crowd, the West Hollywood venue becomes Michelle’s XXX Revue on Tuesday night, a house-music and rap haven for the black lesbian community, complete with audience participation striptease and a flirtation factor that’ll bust any love barometer.

Thursday night’s counterpart for the straight crowd, dubbed “Grand Ville,” picks up where Michelle’s leaves off, offering topless performances to a funk and soul music backdrop. Next Thursday, those who manage to get into “Grand Ville”--like Michelle’s, it’s always packed--will get their own “Pret-a-Porter”-style fashion show with models parading in all their natural splendor.


For the more modest club-goer, however, 7969 just began featuring “Polyester” on Wednesdays, an all-disco affair for the Generation X-turned-leisure-suit crowd, who flail around to Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer all night. No stripping here, just a lot of loud shirts.

* 7969, 7969 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood. 18 and over, cover varies. (213) 654-0280.