Fight Doctor Schwartz Was One of the Greats

Noted this week in Allan Malamud's column the few lines on Dr. Bernhardt Schwartz's passing. He deserves more than that.

I worked with the Olympic Auditorium as PR director for wrestling for 15 years. Schwartz was a local legend in the boxing-wrestling world. Although he had a gruff exterior, he was all heart. Boxers and wrestlers were treated by the good doctor whether they could pay or not. In his office at 5 a.m. every day with a desk full of patient files, he could find yours in seconds under the mounds of paperwork. If you couldn't pay, he'd grin and say, "Next time bring me a few cigars."

In his later years, his health deteriorated but he kept on in the local fight scene because he was dedicated and because he loved it.


West Los Angeles

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