Replacement Opener Is That Much Closer

I am tired of opening your fine publication and reading about Eric Karros and Mike Piazza whining and ripping the replacement Dodgers. As much as I enjoy summer evenings watching these great young players at Chavez Ravine, they are not endearing themselves to anyone. If they spent half as much time trying to work toward a solution as they do ripping the replacements, they would be in uniform at Vero Beach.


Santa Clarita


I am 9 years old and I found a way to solve the strike. You cut the limit that you pay to every player in general. Like, let's say $5 million. So you pay Ken Griffey $5 million instead of $15 million. What is Ken going to do with $15 million anyway?

I like baseball a lot, so I'd like to go to some games.


Santa Ana


No amount of lawyer mumbo jumbo or Don Fehr posturing can deny the fact that the strike started when the players' union broke a signed contract last Aug. 12 and stopped showing up to work.

The players claim the owners are negotiating in bad faith, but that means nothing compared to the bad faith they showed in walking away from their previous commitment because they wanted leverage in new negotiations.

The players signed a contract years ago that said they would play through the end of the 1994 season, and they did not live up to it. How do we know they will honor any future commitments?


Huntington Beach

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