BOB'S TEAM: The annual football game between...

BOB'S TEAM: The annual football game between the Orange County Police All-Stars and the Los Angeles South Bay police team takes on new meaning this year. A running back for the local team was Robert J. Henry, the Newport Beach officer shot March 12. He remains hospitalized in critical condition. . . . They've named the game, to be played at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at Newport Harbor High, the "Bob Henry Cop Bowl." All proceeds will go to Henry and his family.

KINDER COLLEGE: Never too young to go to college? Last year community colleges here decided to invite kindergartners for a day, and 2,000 showed up. They're coming back Friday--8,000 of them this time, at Golden West, Rancho Santiago, Orange Coast and Fullerton colleges. The visit, co-sponsored by the Latino advocacy group Los Amigos, gives them a chance to learn about different occupations. Says Los Amigos Chairman Amin David: "It will encourage them to think about dreams for the future."

OUR DUSTIN: If you've seen the movie "Outbreak," you know it alludes to the deadly hantavirus. It's a real virus, killing 100 people nationwide. County biologist Jim Webb says a strain of the mystery virus, which is carried by rural rodents, has been found in mice trapped at 11 South County sites--all in secluded rural areas. . . . "We've had no cases of human illness related to it," Webb says. "But all the housing tracts being developed increase the risk. It could be like unlocking Pandora's box."

STARS FOR STARS: Maybe you scoff at astrology, but how's this for Academy Awards odds: Skip Fickling of Laguna Beach, creator of the Honey West TV character, correctly predicted all the top Academy Award winners--faxed in advance. It's really simple, Fickling explains: Tom Hanks and Martin Landau are Cancers, Jessica Lange and Dianne Wiest are Aries, both having strong years. . . . Fickling also got best director and best picture right--though it was never clear what Forrest Gump's astrological sign is.

TONIGHT: The Pacific Symphony at 8, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa. (714) 755-5799.

WEATHER: Sunny and mild today with highs in the 70s and lows tonight in the upper 40s. (B6)

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