THOUSAND OAKS : $125,000 Sculpture Given to Arts Plaza

The Sony Corp. has one in its world headquarters in Japan. King Fahid has one in his Saudi Arabian palace.

And now, Thousand Oaks is getting one of its very own.

The object in question is a bronze sculpture of three bald eagles engaged in rather ferocious battle, titled "Territorial Dispute." Talons extended and wings spread, the three life-size eagles are shown swooping down on each other.

A gift to the city from the Anthony J. Tesoro family, the 11-foot-high sculpture by artist Chester Armstrong is one of a series of 50. The family asked that it be displayed in the Courtyard of the Oaks at the Civic Arts Plaza.

Valued at $125,000, the sculpture comes with a four-foot-high concrete base.

The City Council voted Tuesday to accept the donation.

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