OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : TV--Jeebies : OC High asks: What wouls life be without television?

"I would actually have to study."

Son Kang, 17, senior, Valencia

"There is no pleasure without pain; there is no sandwich without bread. There is no life without television."

Ian Noonan, 14, freshman, Brea Olinda

"It would make us feel empty because we're so used to it."

Eddie Hong, 18, senior, Canyon

"TV is brain candy. And without TV, society would have less brain cavities."

Sarah Palermo, 15, junior, Cornelia Connelly

"Radios would be very important. There would be less violence. I think that families would spend more time together. And there would be no more O.J. Simpson."

Ashley Davidson, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

"People would be bored without TV, but they wouldn't know the difference if they didn't have it. As for me, I could live with other things, like music and games."

Anna-Kaise Niemi, 17, senior, Irvine

"Life would be pretty dull, and there would be

nothing to do with your spare time."

Amanda Stipe, 17, senior, San Clemente

"How could we live without 24-hour O.J. coverage?"

Kevin Birnbaum, 16, senior, El Dorado

"People would be more intelligent."

Robert Peterson, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Life would be better, because people wouldn't waste their time sitting around doing nothing."

Debby Slama, 14, freshman, Huntington Beach

"Life would be reading--ugh!"

John Avery, 18, senior, Los Alamitos

"All I have to say is, 'Set yourself free, trash your TV!' Just kidding. But, really, we would be a lot more productive. It's so hypnotic, once you turn it on you can't turn it off."

Sara Kinig, 18, senior, Westminster

"Life would be dull because we would have no one to imitate."

Joe Fuste, 16, junior, Mater Dei

"I don't know what I'd do. I spend most of my free time watching it."

Elliot West, 18, senior, Laguna Beach

"I wouldn't care because I'm never home."

Shannon McCarthy, 18, senior, Trabuco Hills

"People would be more creative and find better things to do with their time."

Jeff Harrelson, 18, senior, San Clemente

"A lot of students would have to find something to do with their spare time."

Karen Kwitoski, 18, senior, Irvine

"Life without TV would be like a candle without a flame."

Carl Malmquist, 18, junior, Newport Harbor

"You have to see that television is much more than cheap sitcoms. TV brings the outside world into our homes. For example, up until World War II, people had a very glamorized outlook on war. Then, during the Vietnam War, the television brought the war into our homes. Through TV we can see what's happening in the world in a matter of seconds. Life without TV would be quite different. No longer would many people waste away hours watching reruns of 'Roseanne.' We would lose greatly in communication and public speech. A soapbox speech reaches a mere crowd, while a televised speech becomes a massive campaign reaching millions instantly. Thank goodness the pros outweigh the cons, and I welcome TV with open arms."

Jakub Tejchman, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

"People would be more sensitive to violence."

Lynelle Cavender, 17, senior, Cypress

"Life could become duller without media. You would never know what's in and would have a lot of extra time left wondering what to do."

Mary Brownfield, 15, freshman, Rosary

"Life would be a lot more meaningful. I think people would place more value in life itself. On TV, you can't watch a program that doesn't have violence, sex and a number of other things that cause the viewer to see life as a game of conquering and only looking out for yourself. The world might be a better place without TV."

Juliana Wetterholm, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

"Very boring and uneventful."

Rameil Ahgasi, 15, freshman, Kennedy

"People would probably be more interesting, more intelligent and more aware."

Anna Dupree, 15, sophomore, Brea Olinda

"Life without a TV would be lifeless."

Heena Brahmbhatt, 17, senior, Huntington Beach

"Just the same, except for missing country music videos."

Krystal Spears, 18, senior, Los Alamitos

"People would have better relationships."

Marisa Zanfini, 16, junior, Cornelia Connelly

"My life would be over."

Mary Kathleen Chauvin, 17, junior, Mater Dei

"Life without TV would allow us to use our imagination more often. I think it would be a nice change."

Rachel Morikone, 15, sophomore, Westinster

"I won't have a life."

Mary Au, 17, senior, Valencia

"Better, because people would think of more interesting things to do than sit in front of the TV all day."

Lisa Von Werder, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"Is there life after TV?"

Tan Nguyen, 18, senior, Loara

"It would teach us to rely on other types of information."

Rose Abourian, 17, senior, Newport Harbor

"People would be more educated, and they would read more."

Audrea Leal, 18, senior, Cypress

"Life would be a lot more productive. Time spent watching TV could be spent catching up on homework and reading, spending time with friends and doing more outdoor activities. You could pick up news from the radio or newspaper. It'd force us to think of other things to do."

Jeni Prahser, 17, junior, Rosary

"Life would be very different. Some people would be less educated because they rely on TV for education. Others would be better off. They would never see violence, drugs or other things that wouldn't happen around you, but only on TV. Overall, life might improve, but it may also get worse, and we will never know."

Steven Jones, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

* Responses gathered by Sabrina Friedman, Canyon; Nicole Broussard, San Clemente; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Aaron Cross, Kennedy; Amy Chen, Brea Olinda; Michael Steinberger, El Dorado; Amy Woo, Huntington Beach; Amber Pierce, Los Alamitos; Gina Tercero, Cornelia Connelly; Jason Foo, Mater Dei; Craig Hammill, Laguna Beach; Koreen Kalie, Westminster; Ling Lu, Valencia; Samantha Wood, Trabuco Hills; Eve Winnick, Loara; Katrina Tangen, Newport Harbor; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Roxeanne McGraw, Cypress; Christine Monette, Rosary.

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