TLC's "Creep" music video created such a fashion stir that it has now spawned its own line of clothing, Creepwear. The video's director, fashion photographer Matthew Rolston, loves tight and sexy lingerie looks, but TLC, as fans know, is into baggy tomboy clothes.

They compromised, and the Atlanta-based girl group ended up wearing brightly colored, flowing silk pajamas that took on an edge when all but one button was unbuttoned and wind machines were turned on high. TLC's signature, explains lead singer T-Boz, is "not what you wear, but how you wear it."

The custom-made sleepwear cost more than $1,000 per outfit, she says, so when fans asked about getting look-alike pj's they were ultimately disappointed. The group itself then set about to get pajamas made at a lower cost. T-Boz, dubbed one of "The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World" this year by People magazine, is the style-setter of the group. She does its shopping, and has worked with a string of stylists and directors to hone the TLC image.

Although T-Boz says Creepwear is still in its formative stages, she hopes to have something ready for sale at concert sites this summer when TLC goes on tour with Boyz II Men. "I'm pushing to have the pajamas ready, but if not, we'll have our baby-doll shirts and T-shirts."

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