An Anaheim man involved in one of...


An Anaheim man involved in one of the county's first fatal carjackings was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Scott E. Rembert, 23, was convicted in Orange County Superior Court after his third trial ended in April. Rembert was convicted last year of kidnaping, but two juries deadlocked on the murder charge and a special-circumstance allegation that a robbery also occurred.

During brief remarks at his sentencing, Rembert apologized to the family of victim Joseph Andrew Kondrath, a college student who was forced into the trunk during the 1992 carjacking and later shot in the head as he pleaded for his life.

Rembert was one of three men convicted in connection with the slaying. The triggerman, Shaun Burney, 21, of Tustin, was sentenced in September to death. Allen Dean Burnett II, 21, of Anaheim was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Defense lawyer Edgar A. Freeman said Rembert was sorry "he didn't have the strength to stop the other people from what they did."

Kondrath, 23, who attended Rancho Santiago College, was last seen leaving for his job at a supermarket on June 10, 1992. Prosecutors said Kondrath was grabbed from behind the wheel of his car at gunpoint in front of his Anaheim home and forced into the trunk. He was robbed of about $1 and later shot in the head.

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