SIMI VALLEY : Small Hikes in Cable TV Fees Approved

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Simi Valley cable television viewers will see small increases in the cost of renting a remote control or installing new service with a new rate schedule approved by the City Council on Monday.

The cost of renting a remote control will increase by 18 cents, and the cost to install cable in an unwired home will increase by 11 cents. Some other charges will also rise by a few cents, but the basic monthly rate will remain unchanged under the new schedule, which will go into effect within 60 days.

The council approved the new rates by a 4-0 vote with one abstention, but not until thoroughly grilling a Comcast Cablevision Inc. representative who attended the meeting.


Mayor Greg Stratton said he was running out of patience with the cable company’s practice of providing the city with estimates of its costs instead of real numbers.

“If you do this next year, I want to see real data. I want to see how many boxes you fix,” Stratton said.

Councilwoman Sandi Webb abstained, arguing that the City Council should not be involved in regulating the cable industry.