Reference to Gays Leads Lungren to Remove Deputy

From Associated Press

Atty. Gen. Dan Lungren has removed a deputy who referred to homosexuals’ “nasty habits” from defending the discharge of a gay National Guardsman, a spokesman said Thursday.

Lungren’s office also sent a letter to a federal judge apologizing for the deputy’s language.

“The passages suggestive of personal enmity toward the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s sexual orientation do not reflect the attitude of this office,” said Lungren’s letter, signed by Chief Assistant Atty. Gen. Robert Mukai.

The written arguments were submitted in May and June by Deputy Atty. Gen. Andrew Loomis in seeking dismissal of a lawsuit by former Lt. Andrew Holmes of Sacramento.


In one brief, Loomis said Holmes was “irked that the Constitution does not recognize anything special about his own favorite nasty habits.”

Holmes was discharged after disclosing his sexual orientation in a letter to his commanding officer in June, 1993.