South Bay : Green Line Has Some Seeing Red

The test trains for MTA’s new Green Line pass by, drowning out televisions, stirring up usually mild-mannered dogs and generally rattling the nerves of residents in Hawthorne.

Neighbors say the trains for the new Green Line, which opens today, are as loud as small, low-flying jets.

The test trains ran on a 10-minute interval. Starting today, trains will run between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m.

“We’re on the warpath over this,” said Harry Alenik, who lives about a quarter-mile from the Green Line tracks and is spearheading a petition drive of like-minded neighbors.


He hopes that the effort will persuade the MTA to take steps to reduce the noise. So far he has gathered about 45 signatures.

In addition, Alenik has bought his own sound meter, which he said has captured the sound of the train at unlawfully high decibel levels.

MTA spokesman Steve Chesser said the transportation agency is aware of the residents’ concerns and is considering such noise reduction measures as building sound walls, oiling the tracks and planting more bushes around the rail line.

“We are trying to be responsive,” Chesser said.


Alenik said he hopes the agency follows through, but he is nonetheless working on contingency plans.

“I have talked to two lawyers about this,” he said. “We’re looking into a class-action lawsuit.”