D.A. Considers Charging Driver

The driver of a car that killed a young in-line skater in Thousand Oaks was driving on a suspended license, Ventura County sheriff’s deputies said Monday.

Delvon M. Carter, 22, of Temecula had his license suspended because he failed to appear in court for several traffic citations in Riverside County, officials said.

The Ventura County district attorney’s office is reviewing the case to see whether charges should be filed against Carter for driving without a license. He will not face charges related to the accident, Bailey said.

Carter’s car has been impounded. A new state law gives law enforcement officials the option of selling the car after 30 days and putting 40% of the money toward local programs. The rest goes toward towing costs and environmental programs.


Sheriff’s Deputy Ken Bailey said that option had never been exercised in Thousand Oaks, but he said the department is going after Carter’s car.

“Because there is a fatality involved, we are going to actively try to get a lien for forfeiture,” Bailey said. “This is what the legislation is written about. It was an attempt by state lawmakers to prevent these people from operating vehicles.”

Carter was driving an estimated 23 m.p.h. down an unlighted street in Thousand Oaks Thursday when an out-of-control skater came down the hill into the intersection. Carter could not stop in time and hit Jennifer Svobeda, 15, of Marietta, Ga. Svobeda, who had been visiting relatives here, died of severe wounds to her head.