Depeche Mode’s Lead Singer Back Home After Suicide Try : Pop music: Concerned fans are sending cards and letters to Dave Gahan, who is recuperating in West Hollywood.


By the time news leaked Monday that Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan had tried to commit suicide last week, the English singer had already checked out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was recuperating at his West Hollywood home, where the attempt took place.

Michael Pagnotta, a publicist for Gahan, said Tuesday that the singer left the hospital on Saturday.

Sheriff deputies responded to an emergency call Thursday and found that the singer, 33, had slashed a two-inch laceration on each wrist with a razor blade.


Detective Joel Brown of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday that the singer was conscious and talking when they found him, and there was no evidence of drugs. “Apparently he was just really depressed,” Brown said.

Depeche Mode’s music, which has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, mixes lively techno-pop sounds with frequently brooding, existential lyrics about death, God and alienation.

Pagnotta said fans worldwide have expressed concern over the singer’s condition.

“He’s had a tremendous outpouring of sympathy and concern from fans sending letters and cards, and also many people are expressing their feelings on the Internet,” the publicist said.

Asked about the circumstances that might have led to the suicide attempt, he said: “It really was a personal matter, and I’m trying to respect Dave’s right to privacy. I’m told that he’s now doing well, though.”

Depeche Mode has been on “down time” for the past few months after spending 18 months on tour in support of its last album, “Songs of Faith and Devotion,” the publicist said. The English band’s keyboardist and songwriter Martin Gore is now working on new material for the band in England.

A spokesman for Reprise Records, the group’s label, said a new album is expected from Depeche Mode next year.


Brown said he was trying to reach Gahan, a standard practice in a suicide attempt.

“We just want to make sure he’s all right, to see if he needs help,” Brown said. “As I understand it, he’ll probably seek his own professional help, which is fine. As long as we’re convinced he’ll never do something like this again, then our work is done.”

Pagnotta said he did not know whether the singer will seek psychological treatment.