LOUNGE LIZARDS: When Quentin Tarantino is involved...


LOUNGE LIZARDS: When Quentin Tarantino is involved with a movie soundtrack album, people listen. Just turn on the TV and check out how many commercials have been using surf music since Tarantino loaded “Pulp Fiction” with the hang-ten sounds of Dick Dale et al.

If that influence holds, get ready for a lounge music explosion. Tarantino has overseen the soundtrack album for “Four Rooms,” the movie featuring four separate segments directed by him, Allison Anders (“Mi Vida Loca”), Robert Rodriguez (“Desperado”) and Alexandre Rockwell (“In the Soup”).

For music, the directors chose Combustible Edison, the New England band that revives the hip “bachelor pad” sounds of yore. Several years ago, a tape of the band’s demos made its way to Anders, and Tarantino, who heard the group’s debut album last year, nearly put one of its tracks on “Pulp Fiction.”


“We’re available for hire,” says Combustible’s Michael Cudahy (who goes by the name the Millionaire) to any ad agencies that might be interested.

But there’s plenty of original lounge music available too. Both RCA and Rhino have three-volume series devoted to the style coming soon, featuring artists ranging from Esquivel and Les Baxter to Ann Margaret and Mel Torme.

Combustible Edison is also booked to play the “Four Rooms” premiere party Sept. 27 at the Chateau Marmont. “But I don’t want to work too hard,” says Cudahy of the event. “This [party] is the big payoff for us.”