Sunland : Apologetic Robber Is Arrested, Police Say

Most criminals are remorseful about what they’ve done after they’re arrested. But, while robbing 13 fast-food restaurants along Foothill Boulevard, Edgardo Worthington of Sunland was sorry during every one of his crimes, Los Angeles police said.

Allegedly robbing a string of pizza parlors, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken eateries and doughnut shops during a period of several months, Worthington would apologize to startled cashiers again and again, police said.

“Look man, I’m sorry to do this to you,” witnesses described Worthington as saying while he feigned possession of a gun by putting his hand under his shirt. “I don’t mean to do this. But I really need the money.”


Worthington would get away with no more than $40 at a time, police said.

Arrested on Thursday, Worthington was still sorry, police said.

“He told us that he was unemployed,” LAPD Foothill Detective Rudy Quintanilla said. “Times are hard and he had bills to pay. But that’s not the way to do it.”

According to Detective Bill Caughey, the 23-year-old Worthington was caught Thursday driving along Foothill Boulevard when police recognized him from the surveillance-camera videotapes they’d acquired from restaurants he allegedly robbed.