THE BIG PICTURE: Another actor who...


THE BIG PICTURE: Another actor who wants to be a rock star? Juliette Lewis is said to be quietly letting word out that she might be interested in a recording contract.

Sure, every Johnny, Antonio and Keanu in Hollywood is trying to make the same move. But Lewis has a pretty good demo tape--a clip from the upcoming movie “Strange Days” in which she convincingly performs PJ Harvey’s song “Hardly Wait.”

“It was terrific,” says “Strange Days” director Kathryn Bigelow. “I didn’t have to have her lip-sync [to another vocalist] and the level of reality of the scenes skyrocketed.”


It was Bigelow--a big PJ Harvey fan--who chose that and another Harvey song, “Rid of Me,” for Lewis’ character, an end-of-the-millennium rocker named Faith. Not only are both songs in the film, but “Hardly Wait” is on the soundtrack album and the Bigelow-directed video will probably be given to MTV.

“The feedback we’ve gotten from the video is incredible,” says Randy Gerston, the film’s music supervisor and vice president of “Strange Days” producer Jim Cameron’s Lighthouse Music soundtrack company.

Among those who are impressed: Polly Jean Harvey herself.

“Polly has seen the clip and loves it,” says her spokesman, Mark Satloff.

“Strange Days” opens Oct. 13, while the album--which also features songs by English band Skunk Anansie (which appears in the film and a tie-in music video) and a collaboration between Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest--is due Tuesday.