"You did a beautiful job. Please don't let this make you lose faith in our system. Please don't let this deter you from doing the job you are so qualified to do."

--Chief prosecutor Marcia Clark, thanking her staff


"We came here in search of justice. You'll have to be the judges. I'm not sure whether any of us found it."

--Prosecutor Christopher A. Darden


"But it was clear ... that this was an emotional trial. Apparently, their decision was based on emotion that overcame the reason."

--District Atty. Gil Garcetti


"Last June 13th was the worst nightmare of my life, adn this is the second."

--Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman


"It's awesome. Justice has been served, I guess. Whether it's equal justice, I don't know."

--Councilman Richard Alatorre


"I'm not shocked, but I'm dismayed."

--Former Police Chief Daryl F. Gates

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