Mighty Ducks ’95-'96 : Ticket Tips for the Pond

Here’s a look at the alternatives for prospective Mighty Ducks ticket buyers:


After the first day of single-game sales in September, lines tend to be relatively short, except at lunchtime and on game days. Observers say the best time to go is 10 a.m., when the ticket office opens. Tickets for the home opener, Kings’ games and games against East Coast teams that visit only once go fastest. No service charges.



Computers have access to same pool of tickets as the box office. However, TicketMaster charges $3.50 a ticket in addition to a handling fee of $2.05 per order. A caller at 10 a.m. the first day of sales in September got through after 20 minutes of busy signals and overload messages, then spent about five minutes on hold. After the first day, waits are brief. Tickets also may be purchased in person at TicketMaster outlets.


The advantage of the 15-game mini-plans is that they are better seats than single-game tickets, they go on sale earlier and you don’t have to stand in line.



Tickets for games that are sold out two months before the event might become available later. Unsold club seats are released six weeks before the game. If you’re in the neighborhood around 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. on the day of a game, try stopping by The Pond box office. The 50 or more tickets that were on hold for the visiting team to purchase are released if they’re unclaimed. One other tactic: Sit alone. Single seats go last.


Anaheim city ordinances prohibit the resale of tickets on the arena premises, even for face value or less. “It is enforced,” said Anaheim police Sgt. Fred Roush. Violators--usually caught when they sell to a plainclothes officer--receive a misdemeanor citation and must appear in court. Wise scalpers will have identification on them: Those who can’t prove their identity can be taken to jail.


Not a good buy because they usually charge far more than even scalpers. In late September, when upper-level seats for the Oct. 18 home opener were still available at The Pond box office for $22, one ticket agency was quoting $75 for upper-level seats--the most expensive of which have a face value of $30. The same agency was asking $110 for seats in the lower level, where most seats have face values of $45 or $55.