LAGUNA HILLS : Council May Vote to Extend Adult Business Ban

An ordinance to prevent adult businesses from opening in Laguna Hills could be extended by the City Council tonight.

The council will consider renewing a temporary ban first approved 10 months ago, even though no adult business has made inquiries about moving into the city. But with the proliferation of adult businesses in Orange County over the past two years, the council decided to take preventive measures.

"It's good housekeeping," City Atty. Lois E. Jeffrey said. "This is an area where communities want to be as up-to-date as possible."

The temporary ban would keep any prospective strip hall, adult bookstore or other sexually oriented business confined to one area of Laguna Hills--a wide swath of business district around, and including, the Laguna Hills Mall.

"There is no residential housing in the area we designated for adult businesses," Jeffrey said.

A permanent version of the temporary adult business ordinance is included in a packet of code and zone changes being considered by the council tonight. But if the changes are approved, they won't go into effect for 30 days.

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