COUNTERPUNCH LETTERS : Another Objection Is Raised to 'Showgirls'

Regarding "Moviegoers Shed Different Lights on 'Showgirls,' " (Calendar, Oct. 2), not only was the film very demeaning toward women, but I am really outraged at the treatment of the African American woman Molly. Not only was she raped but gang raped. Molly was held down by an African American man. Why couldn't he come to her defense? Also, the gross fact that the rape would not be reported for the interest of the almighty dollar was hard to swallow.

What was the significance of this brutality? African American women have been raped since their arrival in this country. The stereotype of African American women as nothing but sexual objects is reinforced in this movie. I am sick and tired of African American women not being treated with dignity, respect, love and as if they are not worthy of the pedestal that other women have had the chance to stand on.


Los Angeles

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