Kosher Quiz

So you think you’d recognize kosher when you see it? Maybe so, maybe not.

Most of the kosher companies--but not all--have kosher signs on their products. Thrifty, for example, carries the kosher symbol on its private label ice cream packages, but you won’t find it when ordering a scoop in the store. “We haven’t found it cost-efficient in terms of advertising,” says Sylvia Geiger, quality control supervisor for Thrifty Ice Cream.

Similarly, many companies have some plants that are kosher and others that are not. V-8 juice is made to kosher standards on the East Coast but is made in a non-kosher manner in California. Other companies, like Weber’s Breads, which were once certified as kosher, have been decertified because of disallowed changes in ingredients and processing, says Rabbi I. Harold Sharfman of the kosher certification organization, KOAA.

One of the best guides to kosher foods is “Global Guide to Kosher Foods and Restaurants,” published by KOAA. And if you still think you know kosher when you see it, test yourself on the following list of foods. Which is kosher, and which isn’t?


1. Kern’s nectar.

2. Treetop Apple Juice.

3. Granny Goose Chips.

4. Canola Oil.


5. Ghirardelli Chocolates.

6. M & M’s candies.

7. Toblerone chocolates.

8. A-1 Steak Sauce.

9. Heinz ketchup.

10. Nabisco Triscuits.


(Answer: All except Nabisco Triscuits are kosher).